Vic Gundotra & Sergey Brin Discuss Google+ at Web 2.0 Summit

Vic Gundotra and Sergey Brin were recently on the stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco discussing the progress of their social network and what the future holds for Google+. So what was said?

  • Google App account users will now be able to use Google Plus as initially no support was provided, something that Vic¬†publicly¬†apologised for.
  • We can expect the awaited ‘Brand Pages’ to be released within a very short time period along with “clever surprises”. This gives companies and brands the opportunity to have a presence on Google+ rather than the current restriction of individual accounts.
  • There have been complaints from Google+ developers about the API being rather restricted. Vic addressed this issue by stating they are taking a slow approach to releasing the social network’s APIs after noting the problems Facebook Connect has caused for it’s developers in the past.
  • I have seen article after article focusing on the issue of using real names in Google+. Vic explained that they initially wanted to create an atmosphere around real identities but that there will be pseudonym support for Google Plus in the future.
John Battelle (host of the interview) questioned the pair on whether they were happy with the initial progress of the social network with regards to obtaining over 40 million users and whether those 40 million users are actually using the service. Vic answered positively with sound reasoning before John stated that it was 4% of Google’s user base, I personally think it’s a good start myself after only operating on public release for just over a month.

Is it just me or does anyone think that Sergey Brin looks like Zach Braff from Scrubs?

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