Should Insurance Agents Have a Google Plus Page?

Over the last several years, a number of independent agents and brokers have asked the question, “Should I have a Google Plus page?” When Google Plus first came out back in 2011 and 2012 everyone felt as if the SEO value was reason enough to have a Google Plus page. There were also a number of businesses that would benefit because they were showing up in the maps listing on the front page of search.

What is interesting about a health insurance or life insurance agent is the fact that many do not necessarily have a brick and mortar location. They may work at an office or share a space with someone else, but it isn’t like a dentist’s office or a law firm. If agents are hoping to rank on the front page for something like Charlotte, NC health insurance agent, it is important to note that a Google Plus page is not going to be the determining factor.

If the only reason you are creating a Google Plus page is to hope to rank for local insurance related keywords, this likely won’t be very effective. If you are willing to build out the profile and provide actual content and knowledge, it will be helpful from a search ranking standpoint.

Take the time to build out several profiles online before assuming a quick profile build with a single link will rank your Google Plus page or website. Remember, ranking for NC health insurance keywords  is not easy. This is one of the most competitive industries on the Internet; in terms of SEO and ranking in search. You are going to have to provide value and quite a bit of content to see your website rank anywhere near the top of Google Search.

It will not hurt to build a Google Plus page as a life or health insurance agent but do not think this is going to make a huge different when it comes to getting clients to your website.

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