Google Plus for Us! is owned by Telapost Social Media. Google Plus is such a great social media platform. We pretty much love it. This blog is in place to provide news, tips, and assistance to people and businesses using Google+ and all of its great features. There really is no other platform like it.

Googleplusblog.co.uk was initially started by Scott Dunroe in 2011. Scott kept the blog up and put out the latest news until mid 2013. It sat for several months and it was then acquired by TSM in March 2014. The initial name “Google Plus Blog” was changed to “Google Plus for us!”. TSM brings to the table the desire to honor this blog’s past and breathe new life into it.

6/2/2014: The URL of this website has been changed from googleplusblog.co.uk to GooglePlusForUs.com.

Thank you for reading about us and be sure to visit us on Google+.

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