Google Begins Deleting Google Plus Brand Pages and Company Pages

After May 2018, business owners who try to use their Google Plus Bran Page will discover that it has been deleted. Unless, that is, they’ve used it in the last 30 days. Since most business owners rarely log in to the page, it is safe to say that the vast majority of Google Plus business pages will go the way of the Dodo Bird by June 2018.

Unfortunately, if your brand page was the owner of a community or any other “real estate” on Google+, possession of those communities will now be forever lost.

Additionally, all content produced on those pages is now gone as well.

Google did not announce the change; they quietly deleted the pages. Only a handful of people were ever notified, meaning Google straight up deleted all of the pages without telling anyone ahead of time.

There will probably be very little backlash on the move because far less than 0.1% of businesses are active on Google Plus.

Business owners can tell if their page has been deleted by attempting to visit the page. A deleted page will result in a 404 not found error.

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