Hashtags arrive on Google+

I can already read your thoughts upon glancing the title above. You are thinking…


To be fair, you are not far away. A feature has been released in Google+ to support hashtags, meaning that including one on a post will link your word to a Google Plus search on that subject.

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter then the picture included below may help you understand the feature better. Basically, including a “#” before a word in your post will turn it into a clickable link which leads to a Google+ search on that specific word.

Google Plus Hash tags

Including a "#" before a word will turn it into a clickable link leading to Google+ Search results.

An additional feature released at the same time, which you may have already come across, is real time search results on Google+. If you type in a popular word into the Google+ search bar then you will see a list of results, keep this page up and you should eventually see the list be updated in real time as more results are added. Vic Gundotra has explained this to be a useful feature especially when looking for the latest news on certain events.

Do you think Google+ will start to be used as a place to get real time news on events around the world?

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