Facebook Fights Back Against Google+

This is not strictly Google+ related but indirectly could still have an influence on it’s long term (and even short term) performance. You may have already come across headlines while browsing online but Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced new partnerships with media companies such as Spotify, Netfix and many tabloid sites. 

Facebook and Spotify take on Google Plus

Will music be Facebook's saving grace? It didn't seem to work for Myspace...

The idea is to allow Facebook users to automatically share what they are reading, watching and listening to via a live stream on the social network site itself. Similar to the games side of Google Plus, this stream will be separate to the existing news feed meaning that users will not have to be plagued by every single activity their friends are doing online.

I have to admit I was impressed when reading about this update at first glance but then I dug a little deeper… Mark Sullivan from PC World viewed a one on one demo of the Facebook and Spotify ‘integration’ but commented that it wasn’t exactly a direct integration at all: “When the Facebook guy giving the demo clicked on a song that one of his friends was listening to on Spotify… the desktop Spotify app popped up to play the music.” He then continued, stating that there is no Spotify app that runs directly in Facebook like that of Farmville for example: “That means you have to have both the Spotify desktop app and Facebook running to achieve the cool music sharing/syncing tricks shown at F8 today.

I’m personally not a fan of having to open multiple programs to perform one action as it seems to defeat the purpose. I am pretty sure that either Facebook, Spotify or a third party company will integrate this fully at some point though. If I am completely honest, this is certainly a nice feature but still not enough to draw me back to using Facebook full time, how about you guys?

Will music keep you rooted to Facebook?

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