Google+ Game Notifications

When Google+ released games, they made the wise decision of keeping all invitations, gifts and help requests separate to the main feed. This was a case of Google using their common sense and keeping the community happy as a large majority of people don’t want to be invited to join a virtual mafia every 5 posts.

So Google Plus have now included “Game invitations and more” to the general notifications bar. At first glance I admit I was horrified and had sudden flashbacks to being asked to water crops in Facebook. Then then I saw a button which brought a smile to my face…

Google have (again) had the common sense to add a simple “Mute game notifications” button. It is these simple touches that Facebook lacked in my opinion but Google are taking the comfortability of their users into serious consideration. If you are in search of this button, wait for a game notification to come in and then look for something similar to the picture below:

Google Plus Game Notifications

Don't see a future in becoming a virtual mafia member? Hit the button.

One click later and you will see the following:

No More Google Plus Game Notifications

As easy as that!

I’m not sure about you guys but for me it’s the simple things in life.

Well done Google.

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