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Yusri Ghouse kindly pointed out an up and coming feature to me today regarding Google+. This feature is called Your World and could potentially revolutionise the way we use Google’s search engine. Before I say any more I recommend you check out the following video:

Okay, so the video may have confused you a little but Your World is basically a social twist on the search results provided by Google. Enabling the “personalised” view of search results allows data from Google+ to be inserted into the list giving you an insight on how your friends / contacts are related to particular search terms.

Searching “Liverpool football club” for example might show me a number of “personal results” alongside the standard search results; these may include pictures from albums, videos that have been shared or simply posts belonging to people within my Google+ circles. There is also the chance that Google+ profiles and pages are included within these personalised search results if they have a strong enough relation to what is being search for at the time, Liverpool football player profiles might be show in “Liverpool football club” search for example. This might seem a novelty feature but imagine searching for a product or holiday destination you are interested in and then realising your contacts already have experience with it, you then have the ability to browse their pictures and comments to assist you in making a decision while also having the potential to open a dialogue with one of those contacts.

There are already privacy concerns with regards to personal photos being displayed on Google’s search engine but I am confident that this is something Google will address after the history of privacy scandals we have seen other social networks face (book) in the past. People are also stating that this is something they don’t want to see during their standard usage of Google’s search network but this is no problem as users can simply select whether they want it included or not via a click of a button.

For those of you interested in Your World and Google+ then I would suggest checking out the following link for now –


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