Google Plus Blog Grows Along with Google+!

December is a busy period for online marketing so I just want to start off by apologising for not updating this blog in a while. The new year is approaching though and it’s time to kick-start back into action, I’m not one for making resolutions but I’m going to be keeping you guys updated to all things Google+ related. I was actually going through the Google+ page for this blog a few minutes ago and was made up to see how many people are following, they have all now been included in the readers circle. I therefore want to welcome all you new readers and also thank the loyal readers who re-share and +1 my posts, I know who you guys are.

This blog hasn’t been the only thing growing though. There are a few unofficial numbers flying around but I’ve seen that there is now between 62 – 150 million people using Google+. I would personally say that it’s most likely closer to the latter though considering that the social network had 20 million members during the first month of it’s invitation only phase which was in July. I doubt that the number of users has only tripled for the duration of 6 months, I imagine there is exponential growth as Google+ users tell their friends about the social network, those friends tell other friends and the cycle  thus continues.

There is still a lot of talk about how Google+ will “survive” or why it will never beat Facebook. I’m amazed this is the case though considering the start it’s had so far; I’ll admit that many people snubbed the idea when first trying the new social network but Google has listened to user feedback over this 6 month period and made an incredible amount of changes which have benefited Google Plus each and every time.

For those of you who missed it … here are The Muppets on Google+!


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