Lawyer Communities of Google Plus

Below are some of the more popular communities for lawyers and attorneys on Google Plus.

Lawyer Networking on Google Plus (2,000+ Members)

Nationwide network of attorneys assisting each other with business promotion among other lawyers across geographic and practice areas. Committed to ethical referrals (in compliance with state bar guidelines) and other support from attorney to attorney for the mutual benefit of its members. Upon joining the group, all members are encouraged to post an introduction about their location and practice area(s). Include URL(s) for websites; Facebook Links; LinkedIn Links; Twitter Links; Google Plus Profile and page links; Blogs links and other links where the community members can find out more about your firm.

All members are also encouraged to “Follow” other members in Google Plus and put them in their other Google Plus circles. Community members are expected to know and review their own state bar ethical guidelines regarding referrals to other attorneys and advertising restrictions. Nothing in any posts herein including testimonials and/or endorsements should be construed as a guarantee, warranty or prediction as to the outcome of any legal matter.

Personal Injury Lawyers (3,000+ Members)

A place for lawyers and attorneys to discuss personal injury law topics. Please feel free to share a little bit about yourself, your law firm, and any interesting news articles and blog posts. This community is for personal injury attorneys only.

Lawyers on G+  (12,000+ Members)

Lawyers on G+ is powered by Law Insider. Community Moderator: @prestonjclark We are the 1st and Largest G+ Community for Lawyers

Lawyers and Law (11,000+ Members)

This community is heavily moderated and curated. This means posts that don’t meet these policies will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned. If you think your posts are being unfairly removed, feel free to +mention me and I’ll explain why I’m removing your posts. Link Litter and Posts meant to generate traffic on your website and not to generate discussion in the community will be removed. Repeat spam will cause ban from community.

Lawyers & Attorneys On G+ (6,000+ Members)

Feel free to share any interesting links or posts here. Please share into and out of this community liberally. Engagement welcome but not required.
1) “Anything & Everything” where attorneys can share anything, including posts out of their practice area, or SEO/SM information, or cat photos if that’s what you like.
2) “Peer Reviews and Ratings.” In this category, attorneys or non-attorney members post G+ My Business, AVVO, Yelp, FB, or other Reviews and Ratings they have done for other attorneys, based upon experiences they have had with that attorney. That’s what Google Plus review and ratings quality guidelines requires. It requires only that the user base their review on their own experience and not someone elses.
3. “Legal Links” where attorneys may share each others’ posts.

Lawyers of G+ (Community) (6,000+ Members)

Google+ hub for lawyers (and other legal professionals) to network and discover how to be successful with social media.

Lawyers and Attorneys on Google Plus (2,000+ Members)

This community will be built around helping lawyers grow their practices. Rather than just posting links to personal websites community members will actively share some of the amazing legal advice and aid that is given throughout the United States. If you have experienced the amazing work of a lawyer or attorney please feel free to create a post explaining how they helped you.

The most common types or lawyers and attorneys are
-Business/Corporate Law
-Civil Rights
-Criminal Defense
-Employment/Employees Rights
-Estate Planning
-Family and Divorce

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