Google+ Become Unbundled

google+Today Google announced that Google+ will becoming unbundled from many of their products and services.

Behind the scenes I have long griped and complained about Google+ and its integration with Gmail, which was a terrible idea.

People don’t want another social network

In general, older people are happy at Facebook, and the next generation is happy with Instagram and Snapchat. Of course, there are people who love Google+. Google+, Ello, Minds, Yik Yak, Twitter, and plenty of other networks have their own unique group of users. “Forcing” people to use G+ simply was a bad idea, and, it failed.

Failure is ok. If you’re not failing at stuff, you’re doing something wrong.

Is Google+ Dead?

No, it is just no longer the “social layer” that they hoped it would be. Everyone knows that everyone from YouTube vehemently hates Google+. In fact, the most common question asked to me on this site is “How do I remove Google+ from X”.

Google+ will continue on. Google’s announcement states that new features will continue to be rolled out.

YouTube users rejoice!

ICYMI – this video received over 3 million views and pretty much sums up how people felt about Google+ and YouTube integration:

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