How to: Create Circles on Google+

Many of you already using Google+ will have already got to grips with most of it’s features by now. There are new sign ups to the social network every hour however so I have decided to create a “How to” series of posts for all newcomers (and current users who say, “This is so confusing!”). The first in the series will (hopefully) teach you how to create circles on Google Plus and manage them appropriately as this is one of the most essential steps considering there is no “Add Friend” button to be found. Let’s begin on a step by step basis:

Step 1

Login to your Google+ profile and click on the Circles tab found towards the top of your account.

Google Plus Circles

Circles within a Circle.

Step 2

This will take you to the circles page allowing you to manage everything circle related including your contacts. You will be presented with some already pre-made circles but we want to learn how to make our own. Click, hold and drag a contact card which you want to belong to the new circle and drop them into the circle image which says: Drop contacts here to create a new circle.

Google Plus Circles Step 2

Simply release the contact over this circle to start creating your own.

Step 3

This circle will then hold the added contact and the text will change to two options saying: Create circle and Clear. Select Create Circle and you will be presented with a box similar to the one displayed below –

Google Plus Circles Step 3

Don't forget to give your new circle a title.

You will now need to click on the Add a new person button and begin typing the name or email address of the contact you wish to include in this new circle. A prompt feature will be put into action as you type allowing you to simply click on the correct person as they are displayed, do this as many times as needed to keep adding multiple contacts to the circle. Don’t forget to add a title for the circle to keep things organised, you can do this where it says Click to add a description.

Step 4

To delete or edit a circle simply click on the blue middle section of it and it will transform to display the following –

Google Plus Circles Step 4

Pesky contacts being annoying? That delete button is tempting...

I hope this brings some light to those of you who have been trying to work out how to add new circles to your Google Plus profile. Please feel free to ask any questions or request more detail via the comments below.

This is the first in the “How to” series so be sure to keep coming back to check for the next post!

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