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It looks like Google+ has borrowed a feature similar to that of Twitter. Newcomers to Google+ are now provided with a “Get Started” list of suggested users to follow, this page is not just restricted to new accounts though and can be accessed on the following link –

This list is categorised by topics such as sports, music and technology meaning there is someone interesting to add for everyone using the new social network. At least that’s what you would think…

Head to the music category for example and add Taylor Swift to one of your circles, unfortunately you will then realise that the account is in fact controlled by a marketing team and run as a “fan page” more than anything. Next, go to the sports category and follow Erin Andrews (if you are an American sports fan), this time you will notice that Erin hasn’t actually posted since the 26th of July which was before this new feature was introduced.

Taylor Swift google plus

Do you really want to follow my marketing team?

Perhaps I am being picky but it raises the question: What is really required to become a suggested user to follow on Google Plus? At this stage it seems you only need some sort of fame and a Google Plus account but hopefully this will change as more inspirational people join the social network. This is not an attack on the feature itself though as there are still plenty of active and entertaining users included on the list to follow, I am just concerned that there are exceptional posters out there who are not getting the recognition that they deserve. We must remember that Google Plus is still in a beta phase though and everything is a learning process at this stage.

…on a side note, does anyone recognise this guy?

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