Google+ Profile Pics in Google Images?

This morning a friend contacted me asking how to remove fake profiles of her from Myspace and other websites. We had a discussion and she eventually revealed that she had entered her name into Google Images to find the culprits. I also entered her name into the search and was surprised to see my own face within the listings along with a few other friends we both know.  On further inspection, hovering my cursor to expand the picture showed that it had a Google+ title and had come from Clicking on the image and then seeing the original page it had come through led to my friends profile page which would obviously have me included as part of her included circles.

Google Plus image web

The Start of a Google+ Image Web?

So I am not declaring that Google is breaching any privacy laws or anything because the privacy settings are there to be used and Google Images collects profile pics from multitudes of websites anyway. I was just curious to find everyone linked to that one friend when searching for her name, it seems a web may be being constructed or a catalogue of all Google+ users.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this? I just thought I would post the finding to see what the feedback would be like.

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