Google+ Hangouts & YouTube Sharing

So some of you may or may not have seen the new “Start a Google+ Hangout” feature added to YouTube depending on whether you are a regular sharer of video clips. At first glance it is impossible to see, but click the “Share” button towards the base of the video screen and you will see the Google+ link under “Watch with your friends.” Clicking on this link presents you with a pop up window leading to a Google+ Hangout, with the YouTube video placed in the middle of the screen allowing up to nine friends to talk and chat about it as it plays.

Google Plus Hangouts and YouTube

A Perfect Marriage

So why is this cool I hear you ask? Well gone are the days of trying to enjoy videos at exactly the same time as another friend; it may sound sad but I used to try and sync the video time with a buddy by pressing play at exactly the precise moment (yet it never really worked). This may seem¬†unnecessary for 30 second clips of people falling over but the idea of being able to watch and enjoy full TV episodes with nine over friends across the world seems pretty convenient¬†to me. You’ll no longer have to say, “Did you watch…?” as you can simply invite them to join you and discuss it at the same time!

So does anyone want to watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” with me?


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