Google+ Creative Kit and Halloween Photos

This post is a little late so some of you may already be using the above mentioned, here is a summary for those of you who aren’t…

Leading up to Halloween you may have noticed people in your circles using spookily edited pictures of themselves for their Google+ profile. If you were like me then you probably asked yourself, “How are so many people creating decent Halloween edited photos of themselves so easily?”. The answer is all down to another excellent feature release made by Google called the Creative Kit.

Simply go into one of your personal albums via the Photos tab on your Google Plus profile, select a photo of your choice and then click the Edit drop down button towards the bottom of the photo to access the Creative Kit option.

Google Plus Creative Kit

Click here to begin the magic.

The Creative Kit is an excellent photo editing software package very similar to the online version of Photoshop. Users of all ability will be able to use the Creative Kit ranging from very basic edits (such as cropping, resizing, rotating, etc) to adding impressive effects / filters to your pictures. Editing pictures is usually seen as a chore by most social network users but Google+’s Creative Kit definitely keeps things simple and fun, there is even an option to Auto-Fix your pics allowing the software to (attempt to) improve your picture automatically with a click of a button.

A Halloween feature has been added to the Creative Kit allowing Google+ users to turn themselves, others or general pictures into scarier versions of the originals. From adding vampire fangs to turning your skin into that of a zombie, making these Halloween changes are as simple as clicking a few buttons and tweaking the results. There is even a competition being held for the best festive themed pictures, simply post your spooky picture publicly on Google Plus while adding the hashtag #gplushalloween to the post.

Google Plus Halloween Photo

My quick attempt with the Creative Kit

Stay tuned for the next post as I want to talk about Google+ Ripples, unfortunately it seems that my account (and many others) don’t have access to the feature so I can’t comment yet. Don’t forget to share your own Halloween edited pics too!

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