Pet Store Franchise Expands with Marketing on Google Plus

Over the last several months many major businesses have opened their eyes to the exposure that Google Plus can bring. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social media outlets for businesses it is hard to argue which social media outlet offers the best SEO value. One the most popular types of posts on Google Plus happens to be animated gifs. These posts are extremely popular because the gifs autoplay in the stream.

One of the most popular types of gifs happens to be animals playing around or being silly. A great mix is Google Plus and a Pet Store Franchise. In the past several months, Splash and Dash for Dogs has succeeded in building a presence on Google Plus and other social outlets. In less than six months Splash and Dash has well over 1.2 million views of their page.

This type of success is not easy as it has taken a very focused marketing strategy. Splash and Dash immediately created a Pet and Animal Gif community when their Google Plus business page went live. This allowed them to bring all pet gif fans to the same place. This is a great place to get quick feedback on the best pet and animal gifs on the Internet. Instead of just trying to see what fans like the gifs can be “tested” in this community.

Moving forward, Splash and Dash for Dogs will continue to build out their Google Plus presence in Google Plus communities and by sharing great photos and gifs of pets. If you have a funny pet gif please feel free to share it with a mention to Splash and Dash for Dogs. Finding the best gifs on the Internet might be hard for some but Splash and Dash has hired a great marketing team that puts the best of the web on the Splash and Dash social outlets.

Another success story for Splash and Dash was their recent YouTube video that has gathered almost 200,000 views. You can watch the video below:

Once again, if you have any funny cat, dog or other pet YouTube videos or gifs please feel free to contact Splash and Dash today. They have some amazing gifs but are always welcome to sharing some of the funny moments you have with your pet. If you are looking to get into the pet franchise industry do not hesitate to reach out to Splash and Dash today. They have a very affordable franchise model that will allow you to open up your own business for less than $60,000. This is a great opportunity when the stock market is unpredictable and other investing options are not doing so well.

By building your own business you will know that your success is determined by you rather than some executive board of a company that is publicly traded. Even if you aren’t getting into a franchise to invest, there are a number of great opportunities for those that simply want to quite their job and become their own boss.

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