Move Facebook Photos to Google+

This is pretty much going to be a godsend for those of you who have thousands of photos on Facebook but are looking to escape the sinking ship to Google+. I have seen friends who are trying to do this manually and I can tell you it takes a considerable (and now unnecessary) amount of time for the average user. So read on if you are looking to transfer your Facebook pictures to Google Plus in just a few clicks!

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Make the Switch at a Touch of a Button

A technology company in San Deigo called Pixite LLC has launched an application for iOS called Move2Plus. This app copies whole albums, photos / pictures and even captions from your Facebook profile to the Picasa side of a Google Account. All this can be done from a few simple clicks and the app even acts as a fast uploader to Google+ from iOS devices such as an iPhone for example. For those of you interested in the app, check out the following link –

So this is good news for Google+ converts and most likely another blow against Facebook as I imagine there were users who didn’t want to make the switch, “because all my photos are on Facebook”. I imagine many of you (with myself included) are just waiting for a Windows version now.

…let me know if you guys find one and I’ll share it here!

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