How to: Find and Remove Uncirclers / Unfollowers on Google+

A while back I showed you guys a list of useful extensions and apps dedicated to Google Plus, one of these extensions was simply called “Uncircle” which identified inactive people within your circles with the opportunity to uncircle them. This is a useful extension but what about the people who unfollow / uncircle you on Google+? I was guilty of adding a shared circle of 500 business people last month with the hope that I would be placed in their circles in return. I later realised that this is a bad attitude and one adopted from my previous experience with Twitter, I don’t want to use Google Plus in this way however and therefore wanted to remove those business contacts who hadn’t circled me while keeping those who had taken the liberty to circle me back.

So what did I find?

The same author of “Uncircle” (Tafreevar) has created another Chrome extension called “Uncircle Uncirclers+” which (as stated in the name) gives you the opportunity to identify which of the people in your circles don’t have you in theirs. Now I have already stated that this isn’t the best attitude to have or could even be considered bitchy but I could see this extension being useful for a number of you reading this. I successfully removed those undesired contacts within 30 seconds without the risk of uncircling users such as yourselves.

Unfollow unfollowers on Google Plus

The interface and process is very easy to use.

The extension allows you to select which circles you want considered into the analysis to avoid removing specific contacts such as celebrities, family and friends for example. In my case some of those business people were also within my “Celebrities” circle which meant I could have accidently removed them in the process, thankfully the extension allowed me to exclude the “Celebrities” circle however meaning they were not displayed on the uncircle list. Once you have selected the appropriate filters it’s simply a case of clicking Apply, you are then presented with a list of “People who don’t circle you back” with checkboxes next to their names. Click on Uncircle¬†once you have reviewed the generated list and they will be automatically removed from your Google+ circles in a matter of seconds. Job done!

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