How to: Add Twitter to Google+

This is not a strict step by step guide on how to add Twitter to your Google Plus profile but you may still find it beneficial. In my post previous to this I mentioned Google+Facebook, an extension / app which integrates your Facebook feed directly into the safe and cosy world of your Google+ account. The same developer (Bruno Barbieri) has developed something similar for Twitter; simply install Google+Twitter, authorise your Twitter account and then hit “Go”. You can now click on the Twitter (birdy) logo on your Google+ tabs and be presented with a (reduced) version of your Twitter account!

I doubt this will be used as a replacement to some of the Twitter clients out there but it is certainly a handy feature if you want to check what’s going on in the Twitter world without having to navigate away from your Google Plus profile. Combine this with the Facebook version and you pretty much have all your main social networks under one roof.

How to Add Twitter to Google Plus

It looks like Google+ is Getting the Birds!

You never know what future versions will be like either…

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