Hackers Plan to Take Down Facebook

Those naughty hackers called “Anonymous” are up to no good again! They have been operating since 2003, gradually taking larger and larger steps against bigger companies. You may have seen them in the news for taking down Sony’s PlayStation Network or cyber attacking the Pentagon but now they have a new (and possibly larger) target. Anonymous plan to “destroy” Facebook.

Hackers Shut Down Facebook

Behind the mask: Hero or Villain?

This is not a random attack for no particular reason though, they have a reason and are very passionate about it. These reasons were put forward into a letter on Youtube aimed at the “citizens of the world” with the main thrust behind it being that Facebook makes millions off it’s users by exchanging our private details. Anonymous claims that Facebook is selling our information to government agencies despite any privacy settings we may include, I must admit that I personally believe them. So don’t be too surprised if you can’t access your Facebook account on November the 5th, they warned you!

So what does all this have to do with Google+? Well as long as Google doesn’t upset Anonymous as well, it should be an amazing turn of events just as G+ starts to become more known to the public. A mass conversion of Facebook users to G+ may occur providing the servers can handle it! The only threat left would be Anonymous themselves as they have mentioned creating their own social network in the past –


In the meantime I recommend that you get on-board Google+ before the Facebook ship sinks.

…it seems even Mark Zuckerberg has joined.

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