Google+ & YouTube Integration

There have already been a few connections made between Google+ and YouTube as the social network has released new features but YouTube itself has now been integrated on your personal home page. Look to the top right corner of your stream and you should be able to see the well known YouTube logo, clicking this will open a search bar allowing you to find videos of your choice without ever having to leave Google Plus.

Youtube integrated with Google Plus

Click the logo and the search bar will expand horizontally.

After hitting the play button a window will pop up with a playlist of videos related to your search term. The interface / list is nowhere near as detailed as the standard YouTube site we are used to but definitely serves it’s purpose if you are looking to share videos of a certain topic with others. A +1 button is located to the right of the video title while the now familiar green “Share” button is in the top right corner of the video. This gives you the opportunity to instantly share videos within Google+ rather than having to navigate to YouTube and back again (not that it’s too much of a task).

Youtube in Google Plus

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I am going to be 100% honest and admit that I probably won’t use this feature as I like to view the comments associated to a video and also prefer the larger selection offered on the main YouTube site rather than this reduced list of thumbnails and video times.  I think it’s great that Google are integrating as many products as possible though!

Have you guys been using this or do you plan to?

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