Google+ Passes the 20 Million Mark

Despite Google+ still only being in an invitation only phase, it has already gained 20 million activations in less than a month. This already makes it the fastest growing social network without even being fully open to the public, imagine what will happen during it’s full release! Many were sceptical on whether Google could really create something innovative and revolutionary enough to get Facebook and Twitter users to migrate to Google+ but it seems the initial figures have already proven it’s possible.

Google+ user graph

Sign of the Future?

I have been asking my friends and associates over the last few weeks whether they have Google+, simply to be greeted with a quizzical look and, “What’s that?”.  It seems that the majority of social network users aren’t even aware that Google+ is out there yet, nevermind being a strong competitor in the social network race.

Google+ was launched on June 28th in a beta (invitation only) release and has therefore generated 20 million users in 30 days. Facebook has been running since February 2004 and according to their official statistics page has “more than 750 million active users” for a period of just over 7 years. If Google+ was to maintain it’s member activation pace over the same period of time Facebook has been running then it would eventually have 1,680 million users and don’t forget these initial 20 million are only from invitations so far. It will be interesting to see the statistics once Google+ goes into full release.

Something for Facebook to worry about?


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