Google+ is Becoming Musical

As Google+ has progressed as a social network it has branched out and evolved into certain interests. As I scroll down my general feed now I will notice common themes such as stunning pictures of nature, lengthy posts about technology and hilarious videos among many other daily trends. As these trends (or what were once known as Sparks) strengthen it seems that their followings increase and eventually attract well known individuals in those particular fields.

A great addition to this is music as popular bands and musicians have been joining Google+ in a way to engage and interact with their fans. While Myspace has a strong music library it lacks the social connection between artist and fans; Twitter makes up for this yet has obvious limitations thus making Google+ a perfect medium for musicians to communicate to theirĀ fan-baseĀ and vice versa. James Joseph Howard, a London based Google employee fronting G+ music, made me aware a few months back of the music industry adopting Google+ as this medium and I have been taking an interest in the progress ever since. Over this period of time Google’s social network has seen some of the biggest bands in the industry sign up and even host Hangouts directly to the G+ community giving lucky individuals the opportunity to ask their own questions.

The whole setup works well as a band or artist will have their own page where they have the ability to reach out to fans and potentially even new audiences via posts, videos and Hangouts. Google+ users then have the opportunity to comment on these activities and between one another essentially creating a micro community based around that particular band or artist. Effectively the musicians are able to promote themselves and acquire feedback while the fans are happy being engaged with while seeing the latest updates on their favourite musicians.

If you want to check out which of these musicians are already on Google+ then you are in luck as James has kindly provided me with a circle which you add and share on your own Google+ profile. I am even considering creating a monthly post which will involve sharing a circle with you which includes the latest bands and artists that have signed up to Google+. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section everyone!

Add and share this circle on Google+ now!

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