Google+ Games

That headline may have you jumping for joy or move you to hover your cursor over the “Delete account” button. Don’t click it yet!

Google let the secret out of the bag last week and accidentally mentioned the “Games Stream” as one of the new upcoming features of Google+. We aren’t sure whether this really was an “accident” or simply a way to stir excitement, either way it a very important and essential step for Google+ to compete with Facebook.

Google Plus Games

An essential step forward.

Gaming is a huge feature of Facebook which has even drawn those people who have no interest in using the social side of the networking site. You have most likely experienced all those (annoying) game notifications asking you to “assist someone in battle” or to “water some crops”. It is games like these that have made the┬áCalifornian based company, Zynga, a billion dollar business while assisting Facebook’s member count all the way.

I can already hear you, “Euggh, I might as well just stick with Facebook then!” But do not fear as there is good news. Google+ is likely to keep the Games Stream separate to the main stream meaning that you will never even have to see a single games notification if you don’t want to. Gone are the times of having to spam your non-gaming friends with annoying requests which most likely make you look a bit of a nerd. It is these little tweaks that will make Google+ better than Facebook in the long run, it’s just a shame that Google is taking the ideas from Facebook’s mistakes!

…water my crops anyone?

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