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Following suit with Facebook, Google+ has released an Events feature allowing it’s users to organise themselves both socially and commercially online. At first glance it’s easy to say Google have just taken a direct copy of Facebook’s event model but at a closer look we can see there is more to the Google+ version.

The first and most outstanding feature of Google+ Events is ‘Party Mode‘, designed to engage mobile users who want to share their favourite moments. When attending an event you will receive a notification as it begins which prompts you to activate Party Mode, enabling this allows you to instantly and automatically share pictures in real-time with other event attendees while keeping everything organised within the event’s page. There is even the option to use a “live slideshow” which allows guests to show their captured moments as the event goes on. Gone are the days of missing albums due to cameras being lost, I’m pretty sure it would have made things more simple for The Hangover guys.

The whole organisation behind Google+ Events is also well designed as Google Calendar is used to sync these upcoming occasions giving you and other guests reminders and details of the event. Organising Google+ Hangouts wasn’t the smoothest of operations originally as hosts would have to rely on a post (which would eventually get lost in the stream) and remind it’s attendees to actually join the Hangout; thankfully events addresses this issue as you have the option to plan a Hangout in the same way you would a physical social event meaning that everyone invited is kept in the loop.

Google Plus Events

Don’t forget to check the ‘Advanced’ drop down for more options.

You don’t have many personal friends on Google+ or they aren’t the type to host or go to events? The Google+ community is a friendly place and Google have recognised this by giving it’s users the ability to find public events, simply scroll down the list and find one that is appropriate to your interests. I foresee this having a massive impact on larger companies wanting to promote their products and services via organised events open to the public, there is no better free way to get as much attention as this feature is offering.

For the Android users out there I would strongly suggest checking out the free Google+ app available in the Google Play store, just don’t blame me when you wake up to a shared album of unsightly pictures after a long night with Party Mode left on!

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