Google+ Direct Connect

I have to admit, at first glance I couldn’t see the benefit of this new feature but I can definitely see potential after looking into it. Google+ Direct Connect allows you to search for Google+ pages direct from the search engine itself. Simply add a ‘+’ before entering your search query and you have the potential of finding Google Plus pages related to what you are looking for. Try searching for ‘+all american rejects’ in the Google search engine as an example and you will be presented with a suggestion prompt linking to their Google+ page.

Google Plus Direct Connect

The auto-complete feature will help you find the page you are looking for.

I was originally thinking, “Why not just go direct to Google Plus and use the search function there?” I tested whether this would have the same results within the social network and searched ‘All American Rejects’ which presented me with two pages related to the search term. So why create a feature which saves about two seconds of a searchers time and won’t necessarily be used?

I started considering how people may use the feature in a practical way. If someone hears an artist on the radio they like the sound of while working or view a trailer for a game, movie or product while browsing the net / TV then they may wish to follow and find out more about it. They only have to add the plus sign before what they would have usually searched for in the past and be taken to the Google+ page which will give them all the updates and information they need (providing the page is run well). The searcher is not just reading an article or publicity about what they are interested in, this page allows them to connect and interact directly with the admin of that page providing them the opportunity to find out exactly what they want.

Only a few famous brand pages have been included within this new feature to begin with but more will be added eventually. If you want to have your own page added to the list then it is up to Google’s algorithm to determine whether it makes the grade. This is based on the page’s relevancy, popularity and link to your own website. I would recommend checking out the two links below to improve the chances of having your Google+ page included to Google+ Direct Connect:

Google+ Pages

Linking to Your Website


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