Google+ Creative Kit: Christmas Pictures

So I will admit that not too much has been happening in the world of Google+ recently. The social network was voted as one of the top 10 social web products by, Britney Spears is beating Larry Page (CEO of Google) by having the most followers and authors continue to attempt to pick fault with the site using headlines such as “Why Google+ Will Fail” and “Google+ is Fighting a Losing Battle”. I won’t give in to their attacks by writing how awesome Google Plus is though, I’m here to discuss a more cheery update instead!

Leading up to Halloween, Google+ released the Creative Kit, an easy to use photo editing software which allowed the community to make Photoshop-like modifications (or scary transformations) with the ease of a few clicks. It seems that the Creative Kit is constantly being improved (as is the rest of the social network) with more and more features being added to the software. The latest and well timed addition to the editing tool is a “Seasonal” tab which allows you to create a Winter themed version of yourself or any other picture from the comfort of your own home. Transform yourself into Santa Claus and prop yourself next to an artificial Christmas tree  within two minutes of playing around with the features by adding a beard, jolly nose, hat, etc. I won’t go into full detail about what you can add to your photo but I would definitely recommend checking it out as it’s fun to use and share with your friends.

Xmas creative kit google plus

The first and probably only time I’ll have a beard!

So get editing and sharing guys! You should be able to check out other people’s examples on the following stream. I don’t think there is a competition for the best picture this time around, let me know if you find out different though.

See you on the circle side.

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