David Besbris is the new Head of Google+

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Yesterday, the former head of Google+ Vic Gondotra announced that he was leaving Google. His announcement is below. Everyone has questions. Below are some of my own questions. If you have any please feel free to post them in the comments or on our Google+ page.

Replacing Vic is David Besbris: dave besbrisCongratulations David Besbris!

What does this mean for Google+?

Rumors abound that Google+ is shutting down. But, some people love to bash Google+. Google+ is constantly improving. It is, by far, the best social network in existence. +Post Ads were just announced and Google keeps churning forward with Google+. What this means for Google+ remains to be seen.

Can Google+ compete with Facebook?

You could build an awesome, free, auction website, but could it take over eBay? What if it were more complex than eBay? This is one of the issues that Google+ faces. Many of us like it just the way it is. Can it even be compared to Facebook? Can it ever take over Facebook? Time will tell. Many people on Google+ despise Facebook.

Will Google+ even change?

With a new head of Google+ comes new ideas. I personally think Google+ will stay the same and keep bringing us cool new features. Then again it could drastically change. Who knows!

What do you think? If you were handed Google+, what would you change about it?

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