Widen Your Google+ Circles: Part 2

The day after Google+ was officially released, the traffic to this blog doubled. A day later and the traffic multiplied by five.

I believe this is a strong indicator of Google Plus receiving a great deal of additional sign ups (and I’m incredibly interested to find out how many). I created a post very similar to this one while Google+ was still closed to the public but I imagine there are now plenty of new users out there who are looking to add and be added to circles.

Widen Google Plus Circles

It's time to widen those circles out!

I have created a thread in the sister forum of this blog to facilitate this very need. Simply leave a post with your Google+ profile link and brief summary of your interests (if you wish) and allow others to add you to their circles, just remember to add them to yours in return. I have started us off so get adding your own links and hopefully this will grow in no time –

Click here to visit the thread

If you aren’t interested in signing up to the forum then feel free to make use of the comments section below instead; I have already done this with the Google Plus game, Crime City, and people have added up to 40 additional members to their mafia so far thanks to the post.

*Also a quick note: Please remember to contact me directly if you have any requests, complaints or comments about this blog as I’m always open to suggestions!


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