Multiple Google My Business Listings Still an Issue

Google has still not figured out how to fix the multiple business listings. This was a major issue when Google first released Google Plus and Google My Business back in 2012. Now, in late 2017, it is still a huge pain in the rear end. Not only are multiple listings a problem within a business dashboard, they are showing up for different search terms.

When searching for a Lakewood, Colorado Dentist, Mile High Smiles has 76 reviews and ranks around #10 or #11 on the maps listing. When searching for Belmar, Colorado Dentist the homepage of Mile High Smiles and the doctor page of Dr. Brian Levitin are consistently around #7. When looking in the maps, they are sometimes nowhere to be had or other listings show up that do not make sense. Note that this is a single location and there should be no problems.

A bigger issue is when there are multiple Google My Business pages for one location. This has occurred most often when a dentist or orthodontic office opens a second location. For some reason, the Google My Business pages get all messed up and multiple listings start to show. We have seen this time and again and a lot of it has to do with multiple email addresses.

This has been common for a practice such as Gladwell Orthodontics. When searching Raleigh Orthodontist, Gladwell Orthodontics comes up for multiple locations and for different pages. They recently opened a Raleigh orthodontics location in Crabtree Valley Mall. This has completely confused Google. There is a Google My Business listing for their physical Wake Forest address, the Crabtree Valley Mall address and another random account. Fixing this is nearly impossible.

So, what can be done? Honestly, at this point, the only thing to do is to call Google and get it sorted out. If you try to figure it out on your own, you are going to run in to a huge headache. Have Google My Business call you and it will save a lot of time and effort on your part.

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