Does Google Plus Intentionally Delay Page Posts?

thumb_downI have been seeing this issue since late 2013. Sometimes, when I post as a page, the post does not display in people’s feeds. It just sort of becomes… invisible. I manage around 25 pages and have confirmed with multiple friends who also operate a small army of pages that everyone has this same problem. There does not seem to be a way around it. I used to think that it was a bug that would be worked out, but after reporting the issue and getting no response and seeing no official documentation on the subject for nearly a year I am left to guess what the problem is, and I believe Google Plus intentionally delays posts from Google Plus Pages. This includes pages which are claimed, verified, and tied in to a legitimate locally owned business.

Social media is a very time sensitive place

As a Google Plus advocate I have helped get dozens of businesses on Google Plus. This could be anything from helping them configure their Places listing to merging a Plus Page with a Places listing to a complete G+ strategy. I have heard the frustrations of many people who finally join, then put a post together, post it, only to find it invisible.

In the late 1990s I knew the best times to sell things on eBay. Similarly, every marketer out there knows the best times to post on social media, and many business owners know the best time to reach their audience. Why on earth would a post be delayed? This is like intentionally delaying someone’s hot pizza, waiting for the person to ordered it to become frustrated, then finally delivering them a cold pizza with hard cheese on it after their friends have gone home.

Post delays seem to last 1 hour.

Typically when a post is posted, it may or may not become invisible. I have tested with text only, JPG images, and animated GIFs, and I can find no rhyme or reason which posts get delayed. Sometimes they show, sometimes they don’t. When they do not show, they typically appear about 1 hour later. For most people, this is about 59 minutes after they’ve thrown their hands up and returned back to Facebook.

Can we please set the record straight?

If Google Plus Page Posts are delayed intentionally, please tell us why, which posts are throttled, and make it clear to business owners.

If they are not intentionally delayed, please repair the problem.

If you have experienced this problem, feel free to chime in below.

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