How to: Share Google+ Circles with Other Users

Yet another cool but simple update! You now have the opportunity to share your circles with contacts of your choice on Google+. It personally brought to mind the “Lists” in Twitter but is still a cool feature nonetheless. I imagine many inventive uses will be generated for this update but could see commercial uses also popping up, selling circle sharing placements being one of many examples.

If you are looking to share your Google+ circles then this is how to do it:

Step 1

Navigate to the circles tab and then click on a circle you wish to share. The circle will lose it’s blue interior and be replaced with options to Edit, Delete or Share the circle. You will need to click on Share.

How to share google plus circles part one

Make sure you don't share your "ignore" circle by mistake!

Step 2

You will be presented with a window prompting you for a comment and who you wish to share the selected circle with. Simply complete these two actions and then hit Share.

How to share google plus circles part two

Simply hit the "Share" button and the selected circle will be shared with exactly who you want

Step 3

Your selected circle will now appear in the stream of those who you decided to share it with.

How to share google plus circles part three

Your Google+ Contacts will now be able to "Add" your circle to their own collection.

I think the ability to add a whole circle belonging to someone else is pretty cool. Please let me know whether you guys use this new update and in what ways.

…I really need to complete my “Google” circle.

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