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It seems that my article about Google+’s version of Crime City got a lot of attention, so I have decided to give a little summary of each popular game on Google Plus. Most of you will grasp what the games are about instantly from playing them but I also want you guys to have the opportunity to add one another via the comments below.  So if you are looking for Google Plus poker buddies, leave your name as a comment below and get adding others!

Google Plus Poker

Feeling Lucky?

Zynga Pokers on Google+ is again another clone of the Facebook version. Players are given starting chips and also a random amount each time they login on a daily basis. These chips can be used to enter “play and go” tables or knock out style tournaments in which players advance through 3 rounds for bigger chip prizes. The chips can then be used to purchase items from the gift shop, play on the slot machine or simply use them to earn even more chips and play on bigger stake tables.

The game also features an experience system in which players gain XP for certain achievements until they level up. Passing certain level thresholds gives you new titles used purely for boasting rights amongst your friends. The game isn’t played with real money so it’s an excellent tool for newcomers, there is even a “Learn to Play” button for those who have never even held a pair of cards in their hand before. Combined with the ability to see friend rankings and a weekly tournament (coming soon) it is definitely worth a try for both poker enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Feel free to add each other below as discussed and ask any questions you have about the game!

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