Google+ Sparks have Disappeared

…or have they?

You may have noticed that the original Sparks header vanished from your left sidebar a while ago while the actual Sparks you saved are still there. At first I thought it was a temporary interface error but day by day passed and my Sparks header did not return. I then decided to question the Google+ community to see whether they were experiencing the same problem:

Google Plus Sparks Question

I wasn't the only one with the "error".

It seemed that this was not an error at all but a feature change made by Google (credit goes to David A Jamieson and Thomas Hale, Jr for working out where Sparks has been relocated). So if you were like me and looking for Sparks, look no further:

You now need to use the Google+ Search Bar and enter an interest of your choice that you wish to add as a Spark. The next step is to navigate to the Sparks tab located just above the search results. You will then see the option to Save this search towards the top right corner of the central column, the Spark will then be saved to the left sidebar of your profile permanently.

How to add google plus sparks

Three simple steps and you'll be adding Sparks in no time.

I admit I prefer the old system of adding Sparks and have no idea why it has been changed but Google must have it’s reasons!

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