6 Free Chrome Extensions for Google+

I haven’t had a look at the Chrome Web Store for a while so I decided to check out what is on offer with regards to the Google Plus beta launch. I was actually surprised at how many extensions and apps were included and even more so at how well reviewed and rated most of them were. I had a look at other blogs before creating this post to make sure I wasn’t simply reproducing summaries on the same Google+ extensions, so read on if you are looking to find new and awesome additions!

Auto-Colorizer for Google Plus

Not strictly a useful app but pretty clever and arty nonetheless. After installing this, head to your Google+ profile and it will begin to flash colours like a mini disco. You don’t have to worry about your screen, the app is just modifying the colour scheme of your profile according to your display picture. Navigate to a friend’s profile, game or any other page and the app will kick in again adapting the colours to suit the rest of the page content. I have to admit that I would like to be able to customise the colours for my own profile (as grey is pretty boring as you can see below) but it’s simply a case of changing your display picture to get a new colour scheme.

Auto colouriser for google plus

Pretty dull but it's all down to the display picture you include.

Stream Filter for Google Plus

This extension is quite honestly a godsend for me (and possibly for many of you too). This stream filter gives you the ability to filter out particular words or all animated gif images from your stream leaving more relevant content for your viewing. I personally don’t mind seeing the odd gif image now and then but I imagine it could be incredibly frustrating for those of you who don’t want to see cats doing “funny things” all the time. It is also a useful tool for those who are sensitive to certain topics, language or simply don’t want to hear about how “hot Bieber is” anymore.

Filter stream for google plus

Tempted to put some names of annoying celebrities in there?

Google Translate for Google+

The title is pretty self¬†explanatory, this extension will automatically detect a language and translate it for you all at the touch of a “Translate” button. You can select exactly what posts you want translating and Google translate will do it’s best for you! It’s a handy extension to have and looks like it already belongs to Google+ meaning there is no clutter on your profile.

Google translate for google plus

Translate languages you probably can't even identify, all at the touch of a button!

G+me for Google Plus

Currently one of the best rated extensions for Google+ with 5 stars and 32,700+ users. G+me gives you the ability to collapse the whole Google+ stream in terms of comments, posts, etc, making for easier navigation and readability. Simply mouse over a post which catches your eye and a preview will be displayed instantly to the side before even having to click on it. There is also a real time comment / notification feature which brings your attention to any updates on individual posts meaning you will never miss a thing. I recommend that everyone give this extension a try, just remember to go into the extension options to enable the collapsible list.

G Plus me for Google+

Keep your incoming posts collapsed for better organisation.

Helper for Google+

Everyone likes a helping hand and this extension does exactly that for your Google+ profile. Helper for Google+ adds additional functions to Google Plus including the option to share posts with Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and other social networking sites. Other features include the ability to bookmark posts, a desktop notifier (equipped with sound) and a one click  search for hashtags.

Helper for google plus

These are just some of the included features, try it out to see them all.

Extended Share for Google Plus

Similar to the extension mentioned above but focusing more on sharing and with additional networks. Simply click the “Share on…” button below a post and have the option to forwards the post to: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Technorati, Blogger, Reddit, etc. There are many more networks to include and you can select which ones you want via the options menu.

Extended share for google+

Share your findings with the whole networking world.


I hope these Google+ extensions make your social networking life that little more easier and I shall keep an eye out for more in the future. Let me know how you get on with them and whether you have some of your own to share with our readers.

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