Google Plus Collections is Released and it is Nothing Like Pinterest


Today Google+ released collections. I had received a Beta invite and used it a few weeks ago for a few minutes to organize my cat GIFs. Google Plus users love cat GIFs, especially on Saturday (Caturday).

If you’d like to see my cat GIF collection, here it is:

Collections allows you to “collect” your own posts all into one category. I’m not quite sure what the point of this feature is. “Collections” give users a new tab on their profile. I suppose you could “collect” things your post and make it easier for other people visiting your page to be able to go through your similar posts.

Some websites are comparing Collections to Pinterest. I do not see the similarity. At all. They are two very different things. Comparing Collections to Pinterest is like comparing Apples to Zebras. Collections simply allows you to organize your own posts. Does that sound like Pinterest to you? No.

What do you think about Google Plus Collections?

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